Mortgage Marketing and Acquisition

Capture more of the right mortgage borrowers with predictive insights

Generate more quality leads

Whether you're in the business of offering first mortgages or HELOCs, Equifax can help mortgage marketers identify new prospects, learn more about existing customers, comply with emerging regulatory requirements and uncover new opportunities.  Find and retain profitable customers through our unique data solutions.


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It can be difficult to target the right borrowers with the best offer for their needs, especially without comprehensive information, including credit and other financial and non-financial attributes  Our prescreen services combine the power of our unmatched credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened target lists built around credit-based attributes and various scoring models. Combine the power of our unmatched credit-active consumer database with the precision of prescreened mortgage target lists. 

  • Increase acquisition by honing in on the markets and customers with the greatest propensity to benefit your portfolio
  • Gain access to the data reliability, currency and depth that Equifax is known for while harnessing the agility to build specifically-targeted, FCRA-compliant affinity campaigns
  • Better segment your accounts
  • Get higher hit rates with custom and ready-to-use risk scoring models
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ProspectID Advantage™ is an intuitive acquisition solution that strengthens targeted marketing efforts by delivering a list of pre-approved, creditworthy prospects tailored to meet your credit profile criteria for marketing your mortgage services. Create a precise, targeted list to fit your marketing needs by leveraging access to more than 1,500 consumer credit financial attributes, event-based and behavior triggers, and True In-Market Propensity Scores.

By offering up to 115 mortgage and HELOC-related financial attributes, ProspectID Advantage helps you effectively mine the Equifax credit-active consumer database  to identify robust, FCRA-compliant prospect lists that fit your market objectives and budget requirements.  Offer the right borrowers a firm offer of credit, saving time and money with market-proven credit scores and attributes.

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Many pre-screen offers are sent today without taking the borrower's  likelihood to purchase into consideration, thereby wasting time and money.  Using mortgage-specific time periods and predictive indicators such as increased credit activity, recent inquiries on a new line of credit, approaching final payments on a loan and address changes, our standalone mortgage TargetPoint Triggers provide a relevant, time-sensitive view of borrowers with a potentially active interest in obtaining a mortgage loan in the near future. This makes pinpointing qualified prospects easier and more effective by leveraging credit indicators and triggers to help identify borrowers with a near-term propensity to acquire new or additional credit.  

  • Identify in-market consumers using mortgage-specific triggering options and credit file attributes backed by the power and reliability of our comprehensive credit marketing database
  • Dig even deeper into your target market and find that trifecta of borrowers who have demonstrated interest in a mortgage product, are more likely to open and have a lower default risk
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Finding low-risk borrowers in the market for a mortgage or home equity loan is essential to delivering successful invitation-to-apply and pre-approval offers that convert to closed loans.  Most response models score and rank prospects based on how likely it is that consumers will respond. The higher the score, the more likely it is they will respond.  True In-Market Propensity (TIP) scores go beyond response.  While the solution helps identify openers, it also considers the risk profile of the openers – not a typical component of a response model. 

By integrating TIP scores within your mortgage prescreening strategy, you can find the potential borrowers you want in your portfolio by identifying consumers who are more likely to open an account and less likely to default on payments in the first 24 months.

  • Identify borrowers who are in-market for new loans or accounts
  • Receive a three-digit score for the consumer, which identifies his/her in-market propensity to apply for a first mortgage
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In addition to consumer credit and income information, Equifax offers a set of robust economic measures that can be used for non-FCRA marketing purposes by providing a clearer view of a borrower's likely financial capacity, estimated total income, and ability to repay loans.  

Aggregated FICO® Scores enable you to gain a better understanding of likely consumer credit behaviors and differentiate households for marketing purposes.  They present aggregated credit scores that use ZIP+4 Codes as the base geographic unit and can be used for non-FCRA applications to improve invitation-to-apply targeting, acquisition and cross-sell. 

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CreditStyles Pro provides aggregated credit measures to help you differentiate households based on their likely credit availability, needs, and usage. It includes mortgage-specific variables, Aggregated FICO® scores, and other measures to inform advanced analytics and offer additional credit insights. 

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Discretionary Spending Dollars is a continuous household-based dollar value estimate of discretionary spending uncapped up to $1.2M. It represents disposable income minus non-discretionary expenses, such as housing, utilities, public transportation, personal insurance and pensions -- which allows you to differentiate borrowers by estimated discretionary outflows. 

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Discretionary Spending Index is a continuous household-based score of 1 to 1000 that ranks households by likely spending capacity and spending behaviors, offering you more insight on consumer spending power.

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Income360 provides a continuous household-based dollar estimate of income uncapped up to $2.0M based on both income from wages and income from assets. It provides you with a more current estimate of total household income to improve income-related analytics and model performance. 

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WealthComplete provides an estimate of total household assets, helping IXI Network Members better understand borrowers' estimated invested assets and income sources beyond wage income.

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