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Manage default and foreclosure

In today's challenging economic environment, many mortgage investors and servicers are struggling to determine which borrowers have the financial capacity to meet their debt obligations. Equifax has the data and analytics you need to efficiently handle payoffs and assumptions, loss mitigation and foreclosures.


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Tap into unique third-party data sources, such as The Work Number®, for streamlined verifications and overall process efficiency.

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Get the complete income picture and retrieve all IRS tax transcript forms directly from the IRS.

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Use our consumer tri-merge report to confirm monthly expenses and verify that the property securing the mortgage is the principal residence.

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Leverage best-in-class automated valuation models and comparable sales data to minimize risk of repurchase due to appraisal fraud or inaccuracies.

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Access our online property reports for loss forecasting, default modeling, reconciliation/review, loan modifications, short sales and distressed/retail valuations.

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