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Product Overview

As a retail banker, your future success won’t be determined by how early you adopt mobile banking— industry research shows consumers already expect it—but how well you adopt it.

With Mobility PlusTM, a Zoot and Equifax solution, you can meet the demand for mobile services by offering a more secure mobile account opening process that instantly boosts household engagement to maximize account values from the start, while helping to reduce fraud and transaction abandonment.

Robust Data and Processing Technology Help Deliver More Secure Account Decisions—In Seconds

When it comes to mobile banking, many consumers expect their experience to mirror the speed and simplicity of an online retail purchase. But, meeting this expectation can be challenging for financial institutions, given the complexities of the Demand Deposit Account (DDA) opening process.

This is where Mobility Plus excels. Far more than a sleek mobile interface, you gain a powerful back-end solution fueled by comprehensive data and advanced decisioning technology to help optimize your account acquisition process from start to finish. Mobility Plus is a complete end-to-end solution, allowing consumers to fund an account with their choice of credit card, debit card or checking account.

Unique, Expanded Data Yields Strong, Swift Decisions

In a matter of seconds, Mobility Plus performs an instant search, match and analysis to:

  1. Authenticate both the consumer and their mobile device;
  2. Execute identity fraud checks and;
  3. Identify point-of-sale opportunities to cross-sell other products such as credit and debit cards.

Mobility Plus Brings Together Industry-leading Data, Including:

  • Non-invasive knowledge-based identity authentication (KBA) helps minimize account opening fraud and customer abandonment, and improve regulatory compliance
  • Alternative payment data from the telecommunications, utility and cable industries offers a wider customer view to better predict DDA performance, and improve cross-selling
  • OFAC screening within the mobile account opening process helps streamline compliance by limiting manual searches and maintenance

Sophisticated “Behind-The Scenes” Technology Lifts Your Performance

Mobility Plus utilizes a dynamic platform that helps you securely originate and decision new deposit accounts in real-time, with the optional capability to prescreen customers for pre-approved consumer credit offers at the point-of-sale. It’s also highly configurable to ensure alignment with your institution’s terms and risk policies, so you can facilitate the fast, frictionless mobile banking experience that today’s consumers expect.

  • Generate fresh, new revenue and account growth
  • Cross-sell more credit cards and other consumer loan products
  • Improve the customer experience with real-time account approvals and relevant offers
  • Enhance alignment with organization-specific rules, processes and decisions

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