Marketing for Financial Services

Drive Growth and Create a More Customer-Centric Experience

Insight for Targeted Marketing

Change is the new norm for financial services and finding opportunities for growth can be challenging. With increased competition for customers and tight marketing budgets, you must work smarter and more efficiently, with a targeted and focused approach. This means:

  • Finding the right customers to develop relationships to help drive value and loyalty

  • Enabling targeted, meaningful interactions

  • Personalizing the customer experience with the right messages in the right channels


Equifax can help you deepen relationships across the customer lifecycle by equipping you with the marketing capabilities and unique insights needed to:

  • Drive acquisitions

  • Increase engagement and loyalty

  • Improve prospect conversions

  • Measure Marketing Return On Investment across your organization


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Understanding your market, your customers and your competition informs strategic business decisions and fuels growth. Equifax helps you get from analytics to action faster with data and insights that help you drive profitable growth and minimize risk.

Better understand your target audience and deliver relevant, personalized offers. Equifax helps you identify and expand your universe of profitable customers, so you can offer the right product to the right customers at the right time — through their preferred channel.

Equifax understands consumer identity at the point of digital interaction, helping you deliver an optimal customer onboarding experience. Equifax also helps you find and optimize opportunities for growth at the point of acquisition to help increase revenue and further improve customer experience. And with access to unique and differentiated data, you can better assess risk and ensure compliance from the outset.


To nurture and grow existing customer relationships, Equifax helps you monitor your portfolio to identify the customers with which to develop deeper connections. With solutions that allow you to find opportunities to cross-sell and expand relationships with your most profitable customers, Equifax can help foster growth to drive higher lifetime value and increased loyalty.   

Digital Targeting Segments Interactive Tool


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