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Whether prospecting, cross-selling or upselling, it's essential to identify the consumers and businesses most likely to respond to your offers. The richness and uniqueness of our measured  data sources—from demographics to lifestyle to commercial data—allows you to accurately and efficiently identify and reach the right audience cost effectively.


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Using state of the art technology, the Equifax data linking solution, Connexus, helps you to accurately identify and link customer information regardless of address changes, name changes, or name variations. This creates a complete, single view of the customer, even across multiple disconnected data sources.

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Incomplete, outdated or inaccurate customer data severely limits your ability to drive new revenue through cross-sell and upsell campaigns. Customer Data Management solutions can help by creating 'a single source of truth'—through data cleansing, enrichment and unification of your customer database—that helps you confidently expand your existing relationships, increase your market penetration, reduce sales cost and generate new revenue opportunities.

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According to Equifax research, up to 21 percent of an organization's consumer customers could also be potential small business owners. Find out how many small business owners might be hiding in your customer base by using our owner-to-business data linking solution, EFX Link, to reveal relevant connections between the owners/principals and their business.

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In B2B marketing, your success rests on your ability to target and connect with the right buyers and influencers. Equifax Contact Link can help by giving you efficient, one-stop access to the largest collection of business contact information, more than 60 million contacts across 7 million businesses, plus the unique ability to customize your data.

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New Business Hotlists can help you quickly target and connect with a fresh, new audience of of up to 50,000 new businesses each week, and gain an edge over your competition.  Expand the reach of your prospecting campaigns, generate a higher marketing ROI and increase your marketing qualified B2B leads. This specialized tool is multi-sourced and offers a dynamic, comprehensive view of new small businesses.

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Economic Cohorts incorporates the vital visibility into household economics that has been missing from consumer segmentation products - until now. Economic Cohorts segments customer and prospects based on households' economic positions (estimated total income, ability to spend, ability to pay, and likely credit capacity), in combination with all the key demographic, lifecycle/lifestage, behavioral, lifestyle, and geographic attributes you expect from a leading consumer segmentation system.

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With a suite of measures based on aggregated credit data, CreditStyles Pro is best used for customer and prospect analysis to identify target segments based on consumers' expected credit behaviors. It enables marketers and analysts to gain insight on all types of credit usage including bank cards, retail cards, consumer finance, and various mortgage type loans.

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