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Delivering timely and relevant economic and credit insights in the wake of COVID-19

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To help our customers navigate through the current economic situation, Equifax is hosting a free Market Pulse webinar series. Industry experts from inside and outside the company will offer timely insights around the economy and credit.

Free Credit Trends Reports

Now including industry-specific FICO® Score segmentation data delivered weekly, our U.S. National Consumer Credit Trends Reports provide insight on current consumer credit behaviors, trends and performance across the US.

Weekly Credit Trends Highlights

Chris Walker, Credit Trends & Product Leader at Equifax, summarizes insights from our Portfolio, Originations and Possible Accommodations reports.

Webinar Replays and Credit Trends Reports

Solutions for Your Most Pressing Needs

Equifax has launched new solution packages to help organizations respond to COVID-19 impacts.


For lenders and marketers who need access to credit predictors


For lenders and marketers who want to mitigate their risk for consumer and commercial portfolios


For risk managers who want to understand a customer's economic situation

Response DIGITAL

For marketers and fraud prevention managers who want to help customers self-serve

Response FREE

For anyone who wants to understand economic conditions and how it might impact their business

Recession Planning and Preparedness
Resources for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19
Webinar Recap: How to Navigate the 2020 Economy