Market Analytics

Find top markets and better assess your market share

Improved performance insight

Our Market Analytics products enable financial institutions to better assess their competitive position in each relevant geographic location, enabling them to size the market, track share and competitive progress and locate high-growth and under-developed market areas.


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MarketMix provides estimates of the total assets, assets by product category, and household penetration for defined geographic areas based on the estimated total liquid financial assets held by all U.S. households. It is available exclusively for use by IXI Network Member Firms.


MarketMix is best used for market sizing and to determine a firm's share of the total market. With MarketMix, you can assess your firm's market share and the market size of virtually any geographic region. These insights can then be used to quickly identify high growth markets, more efficiently plan new branches, actively manage your sales force, and offer the right product to the right market.

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CreditMix enables firms to better determine the market size and their share of outstanding credit within their target markets.


Firms can use CreditMix to analyze the number and balance of many credit types across custom or standard geographic regions. With CreditMix, companies can gain insights on how financial shifts affect customer segments and better understand consumer credit health within various geographies.

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MarketVision for Securities provides peer group analysis for financial services firms offering brokerage services and direct-marketed mutual funds. It is available to IXI Network Member Firms only.


MarketVision for Securities can be used by firms to calculate the likely size, growth, share, and change in share of any standard or customized geographic area in the US all the way down to the ZIP level. It is best used for market sizing and share vs. peer group, territory and branch planning, brand and category development, and sales force management.

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Archive Services helps financial services firms validate and enhance models with a historical and geographical view of consumer behavior. With Archives, financial services firms can improve forecasting, marketing and long-term profitability through a deeper understanding of evolving consumer behaviors, trends, and risk over time, useful for validation and retroactive analytics.

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