Compliance Delivered

Today's regulatory landscape is filled with constantly evolving complexities that make regulatory compliance a source of significant risk. The costs of non-compliance go far beyond the hefty fines levied and penalties enforced, often causing irreparable damage to an organization's reputation. This all adds up to a risk you cannot afford to take, and one Equifax can help you mitigate.

Equifax maintains a keen and expansive grasp of the regulatory compliance landscape. Our vast internal team of respected regulatory experts ensures that the very latest legislative developments are incorporated within each of our solutions, and that clients are kept well-informed of the corresponding implications pertinent to their business. From employment and tax laws to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programs, consumer and fair business protections, our innovative solutions come with comprehensive expertise you can trust built right in, minimizing your organization's exposure to risk while enabling you to realize significant cost and efficiency savings.

Regulatory bodies and Equifax embrace a common purpose: to protect and enrich the lives of individuals and organizations. This shared goal drives our company to consider the benefits and ramifications of regulatory compliance from a holistic viewpoint. When your organization partners with Equifax, you can rest assured that the very best technology innovations and regulatory expertise are deployed on your behalf. Our solutions are designed to withstand the very highest levels of scrutiny, and we are here to serve as an expert advisor if your organizational compliance is ever questioned.

Featured Products and Solutions
AML Compliance
Facilitate timely compliance for managing KYC and AML programs
Undisclosed Debt Monitoring
Gain more transparency into undisclosed debt with a proprietary monitoring platform
AVM Insight
Optimize your collateral valuation process while reducing costs
Equifax House Price Index
Granular house price data at your fingertips
OFAC Alert
Conduct OFAC checks quickly and efficiently to meet various aspects of regulatory requirements