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See the business lost to competitors, and how those loans are performing, so you can win more customers
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Product Overview

Can you afford not to know who is winning your lost business?

If you're losing business to more competitive offers, or passing on deals that are now performing well for other lenders, you could be taking a painful one-two punch to your bottom-line. You lose the immediate profit of the sale and the long-term revenue generated throughout the life of the loan. More importantly, you lose the priceless opportunity to build a customer relationship that drives future auto purchases and word-of-mouth references. Don't miss another opportunity with help from Equifax Lost Sales Analysis for Automotive. Using your unique auto loan application data, it shows you the big picture of your applications lost to competitors and how those loans are performing so you can adjust your strategy, offers and terms to attract and win more of the quality customers you want. Win more sales now—and later—with unique industry intelligence.

Lost Sales Analysis for Automotive utilizes a lender's input file of applications to produce an anonymized reporting file of which competitors won the loans, and how that portfolio is performing. For uncashed contracts, lenders can assess whether the lost opportunity is now showing as delinquent or performing, and if the original offer should have been more competitive. Ultimately, you get highly specialized competitive lending insights and market analytics that can strengthen business strategies and objectives and fuel improved sales performance.

Use Lost Sales Analysis to

  • track transaction level data associated with well performing loans to see where competitors are winning potentially profitable business, and adjust your sales and lending strategies accordingly
  • track negative performance metrics such as repossessions and default indicators to affirm existing lending policies are working as predicted
  • gain market intelligence by analyzing competitive performance metric trends around loans that were lost to help maximize immediate and long-term profitability


Lost Sales Analysis for Automotive arms you with the information you need to capture future auto loan applications by providing you valuable insight into what happened to the ones you lost. This ability to strategically identify areas to target in lending policy, dealer relationships and competitive position will help arm your business with the intelligence to succeed in meeting your business objectives. This analysis is built exclusively around the information you provide Equifax, and the resulting competitive insight returned is rooted in your actual application information. We equip you to see the competitive landscape, and better understand what you have lost. Since the solution leverages your own business information, you are easily able to measure or compare your business to the overall market.

Lost Sales Analysis should be used anytime you want help to understand why you are not capturing loan applications, and where your dealers are sending their business. This solution can also be leveraged for ongoing performance trending by re-running previous applications to look for changes.

We provide easy access and fast turnaround to vitally important market intelligence. Our clients can  upload a CSV file through our online portal and have it returned back within 48 hours. Secure system-to-system options are also available. Equifax Automotive Services provides our customers with the ability to make more powerful, timely and informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize results through the use of unique data and insights.