Analytics Empowered

Our predictive analytics and benchmarking solutions help organizations understand where they are today and empower them to take control of their future, leveraging:

  • Unrivaled consumer, commercial and employment data assets
  • Powerful, AI-enabled analytic capabilities
  • Meaningful insights that inform better decisions

Trust our expertise and innovative technology to understand the impact of evolving trends related to employment, fraud, risk and marketing.

A deeper look at our analytics innovation
Featured Solutions
Artificial Intelligence
Get the most out of your models with Explainable and Adaptive AI
Marketing Measurement
Measure the Impact of your Digital Marketing
Equifax Ignite® Connected Cloud
Make decisions faster in a streamlined environment
Credit Trends
Enhance your market position with deeper consumer credit insight
Business Intelligence and Benchmarking
Enhance your market position with deeper consumer credit insight
Ignite Live 2020 is coming
Equifax Spark is now Ignite Live, nd we're returning in 2020 with a virtual event to bring together our customers and help them adapt and operate with confidence this era of uncertainty.

Geared towards product executives, data scientists, and analytics experts, we'll virtually collaborate and have meaningful conversations about new data, analytic, and technology practices to help our customers through the changing times.
Data Driven Marketing
Leverage Analytics Downloadable Assets
The Gift of Data
Advanced Analytics & Alternative Data in Consumer Lending