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Analytics Empowered

To realize the true value of data, you must uncover the meaningful insights it can provide and use these findings to inform better decisions. At Equifax, we understand and embrace this business imperative, embedding analytics and benchmarking within everything we do. We have spent more than a century building our legacy as a respected leader in data stewardship and innovation, empowering businesses and consumers with information they can trust.

The time is now to stop relying on instincts. Equifax combines powerful technology with limitless data resources, delivering the vital answers you need for advancing organizational performance while minimizing risk. Leverage our unrivaled consumer, commercial and employment data assets alongside your own proprietary and disparate data sources to deliver relevant, actionable insights that drive bottom line results, all while armed with the assurance our analytics and benchmarking solutions meet the highest standards in security, privacy, quality and compliance.

Our analytics and benchmarking solutions help organizations understand where they are today, and empower them to take control of their future based on meaningful information. Trust our expertise and flexible technology to analyze, predict and understand the impact of evolving trends related to employment, fraud, strategic markets and credit. Use the knowledge gained to create new opportunities that enrich customer lifetime value, employee engagement and profitability. These are just a few proven applications where our scalable analytics and benchmarking solutions have delivered meaningful, measurable results. Contact Equifax today and begin discovering the insights that will dramatically impact your organizational performance.