Product Overview

Did you know that seven in ten home buyers only interviewed one real estate agent during their home search1?  Time is valuable and identifying qualified leads early in the prospecting process is of utmost importance to help increase the probability that you are the agent being interviewed – and ultimately helping to increase your prospect to sales conversion rate.

Using proprietary data and insights that only Equifax can provide, Lead Accelerator helps enable real estate agents to better prioritize and determine the best sales approach.  Additionally, the solution can be leveraged to provide a clearer view of a lead’s likely financial capacity, estimated household income, property value and propensity to make a mortgage transaction.

Lead Accelerator uses three main components to provide the insights needed to segment, prioritize and follow up with leads appropriately.

  • Personal Wealth Module:  provides information to help differentiate leads and to match offers and deliver relevant marketing messages
  • Property Value Module:  provides property attributes based on whether the lead is a current home owner or not
  • Propensity Score:  identifies the likelihood that a lead will transact within the next 3-6 months

Through Lead Accelerator, Equifax can provide unique data to help qualify leads through one source and quickly convert those leads into closed deals.