Enhance your customer models with investable assets and investment behavior data

Product Overview

Investyles provides a picture of direct-measured financial assets and specific investment tendencies for U.S. households and is available exclusively to IXI Network Member Firms.

Investyles is best used for identification of specific investment behaviors and as an input to in-house models.

Key Benefits

  • Enables financial services firms to enhance in-house customer and prospect models with average household assets and specific investment behaviors
  • Granular detail provides insight on customers' likely investment preferences, such as risk tolerance, advice orientation, and propensity for specific investment products
  • Finds neighborhoods likely to have over $2 million in average assets per households
  • Based on our direct-measurement of anonymous invested retail assets 
  • Developed for use in non-FCRA applications across the customer lifecycle

Applying Investyles to Your Business

  • Better understand customer product preferences and investment styles
  • Enhance all types of customer prospect models including customer profiling, life-time value, profitability, multivariate scoring applications
  • Improve up-sell and cross-sell methods
  • Rank markets and households for marketing campaigns
  • Improve customer loyalty
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