Grow your business with automated credit and risk decisioning, fueled by diverse data

Today’s marketplace is more complex than ever before. Businesses are balancing evolving customer risk with soaring access to new data sources, and dynamic technology and operating environments. To optimize credit and risk decisions under these fast-changing conditions, you need automated, agile decisioning capabilities with real-time functionality.

InterConnect®, a flexible, cloud-based decision management platform from Equifax, can help by empowering you to define and execute decision policies at the front line without help from IT. It helps turn consumer and commercial data into actionable insights that fuel more consistent and profitable prospecting, account acquisition, portfolio review and account management decision policies that drive business growth.

The power behind InterConnect is its versatility. Intentionally designed to be modular and scalable, it’s comprised of four decision management tools that you can use independently within an existing system, or together as a robust end-to-end decision management solution.

  • Insight GatewayTM: Get accelerated time-to-insights with orchestrated access to data sources, including conditional waterfalls, to get only the data you need, when you need it
  • Attribute NavigatorTM: Easily access differentiated data sources to develop customized attributes and scorecards for more refined and precise decisions that help drive acquisition and minimize risk
  • Model Integration Tool: Rapidly integrate, audit and deploy custom models and scorecards into production
  • Rules Editor: Improve efficiency and decrease costs with integrated technology to easily create, test, and edit rule policies without reliance on IT resources

In addition to the modular design, InterConnect is data-agnostic, meaning it can consume data from disparate and disconnected sources. More specifically, you can use InterConnect as a single point of access for credit, fraud, wealth, employment and income data, as well as data from other bureaus and your own customer data.

Streamlined access to diverse data sources. Better attribute creation and deployment. Easier rules management. Stronger analytics and model integration. That’s InterConnect, and it’s your new competitive edge for making more efficient, accurate and profitable customer decisions that take your business to the next level of success.