Grow your business with automated credit and risk decisioning, fueled by diverse data
InterConnect is a flexible, cloud-based decision management solution with real-time functionality, helping you:
  • Define, implement and automate decision policies at the front line -- without help from IT
  • Leverage differentiated data from Equifax Ignite® along with automated analytical tools to drive powerful credit and risk strategies
  • Access the data you need, when you need it, with waterfall and conditional settings
  • Monitor and optimize strategies in a simulation environment and make on-the-fly adjustments that lead to better insights
What Makes InterConnect Different?
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Modular Design
Innovative, flexible infrastructure
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Single Point of Access
Connect to various data from different sources
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Rapid Implementation
Cloud-based, SaaS delivery
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Fits the needs of any sized organization across the globe
Versatile, end-to-end decision management
fueled by the latest automation tools
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Insight Gateway
Access consumer, commercial and third-party data sources
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Attribute Engine
Build better attributes, faster
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Advanced Model Engine
Build optimal models in record time
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Rules Editor
Easily define, test and edit rule policies
What Types of Organizations Benefit Most from InterConnect?
InterConnect is ideal for any organization that needs customer decisioning around new account opening, including telcos, insurance, auto financing, financial institutions, and utility companies. InterConnect is also useful for risk policy management.
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What is InterConnect?
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What is Advanced Model Engine?
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What is Attribute Engine?
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What is Rules Editor?