Insight Gateway

The route to real-time risk decision insight

Product Overview

Expand customer insight with differentiated data

Accessing and managing the vast amounts of consumer and commercial data available to businesses today can be overwhelming.

Insight GatewayTM, an InterConnect® cloud-based decision tool, can help accelerate time-to-insights by allowing you to set automated, orchestrated access to multiple data sources, including conditional waterfalls. This way, you get only the data you need, when you need it.

To offer added flexibility, Insight Gateway was intentionally built to be data-agnostic and serve as a single point of real-time access to a multitude of diverse data sources including consumer, commercial, wealth, employment, income and multi-bureau data. Likewise, it’s uniquely modular design allows the rapid integration of additional data sources, along with other InterConnect cloud-based services such as Attribute Navigator and Model Integration Tool to develop custom attributes and scorecards, and Rules Editor for its rules strategy capability. 

With Insight Gateway, you can:

  • Help reduce integration costs and simplify data access with single-point entry to diverse data sources
  • Get deeper consumer and commercial insights with transparency to custom attributes that can extend across multiple data sources
  • Use as a standalone tool that integrates into an existing system, or pair it with other InterConnect tools for an end-to-end decision management solution

So, even if your data sources are disconnected, Insight Gateway provides streamlined access to diverse data and attributes to be included in your credit and risk decisioning strategies.

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