InstaTouch® ID

InstaTouch ID uses proprietary and compiled data to help authenticate consumers at the point of acquisition, helping detect potentially fraudulent requests.

Product Overview

Digital devices have enabled consumers to do more on-the-go. And as businesses continue to transform their technology and offerings to accommodate this fast-paced, high-interaction reality, consumers expect more from each touchpoint.

When it comes to completing required forms and information, consumers expect a low friction experience—having to manually key-in so much data on a small device. This can lead to transaction abandonment, which in turn can lead to revenue losses and the opportunity to gather valuable consumer insights.

InstaTouch® ID, a consumer identity and authentication service powered by MobileConnect from Equifax, is helping change the mobile commerce game from the point of acquisition. InstaTouch ID uses Equifax and mobile carrier data to authenticate a consumer’s identity. This allows for pre-population of consumer data during online checkout or form completion, providing a simpler, reduced friction experience. Businesses benefit from quicker and easier digital consumer verification and lower transaction abandonment.

Benefits of A More Frictionless Consumer Experience

Improve Experience and Reduced Abandonment

Autofilled personal information simplifies the tedious process of having to enter multitudes of data on a mobile device.

Improve Insights

Authenticated consumer information, coupled with Equifax marketing data, gives businesses the deep insights they need to help enhance the consumer experience, streamline acquisition workflows and optimize supplemental offers.

Identify Potential Fraud

Consumers are identified and authenticated at the point of input, helping to mitigate risk and identify potentially fraudulent requests.

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