Insight Score for Insurance

Game-changing predictive score to help insurers grow their business faster and more profitably

Enhanced Insights for Your New Prospects

As an insurer, you work hard to gain the best insights into potential customers —it’s how you keep your business competitive, growing and profitable. Now, Equifax can help you expand that competitive edge with a new, exclusive tool, Insight Score for Insurance.

It provides a powerful, next-generation of predictive accuracy that enables you to more precisely assign risk to a broader audience of customers and prospects. By combining the proven strength of traditional credit data with the unique, expanded coverage of alternative data, Insight Score for Insurance gives you fresh, useful insight into the vast population of consumers including those with little or no credit history so that you can intelligently grow your business, more precisely quote and rate your prospects leading to improved profitability. 

More specifically, the alternative data used in Insight Score for Insurance includes account payment data from the communications, utility and payTV industries to provide you with predictive FCRA consumer data on more than 230 million unique consumers, 30 million of which have no consumer credit file. This expanded data coverage enables you to: 

  • More accurately quote more prospects including those who may not have a credit-score.  We've built a highly predictive model that goes beyond traditional credit data incorporating common behaviors from things like cell phone or TV payments.
  • Reward more of your customers who are scorable with the insurance premium they deserve helping you to drive growth and improve profitability.

As a trusted provider of quality, credit-based insurance risk scores for more than 20 years, Equifax is committed to continually developing new sources of predictive data to further enhance your segmentation capabilities. Insight Score for Insurance is part of our comprehensive, data-driven suite of solutions focused on helping insurers like you better segment and price to match risks. 

Let Equifax help you grow your business faster and more profitably.

Insight Score for Insurance is a consumer report and its use is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)