Product Overview
Verify Income and Employment with Speed and Certainty

A verification of income is necessary in order to help understand an applicant's ability to pay. With consumer consent, an income verification from Equifax:

  • Leverages The Work Number®, database of income and employment records contributed by thousands of employers nationwide, including 82% of the Fortune 500 and the majority of federal government civilian employers
  • Contains both basic employment information and detailed employer compensation data, including wages, bonuses, commissions, overtime and, if available, salary history and pay increase details
  • Includes payroll data that comes direct from employers and is updated every payroll cycle
  • Provides you with actionable data that is delivered within seconds

Turn to Equifax for manual verifications

For those applicants whose information is not available instantly, a researched verifiction can be immediately initiated, whereby a team of verification specialists will manually complete the verification on your behalf. With hundreds of thousands of employers in our researched verifications database, our team can quickly connect with the right resources and perform fast and fully documented income verifications, generally in as little as one to three business days—a complete solution for all your verification needs.