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Equifax is digitally empowering and helping to simplify the mortgage process.  We are your go-to source for all things income and employment verifications, supporting the top GSE validation programs.


Instant Income and Employment Verification

Through Equifax, you can verify employment and/or payroll income in seconds with The Work Number®, the largest database of instantly available employment and income records contributed by thousands of employers nationwide.



105+ million instant verifications were completed in
2017 via The Work Number database.



Manual Income and Employment Verification

If an applicant’s information isn’t instantly available on The Work Number database, Equifax agents can reach out to the applicant’s employer and fulfill the verification on your behalf, eliminating the need to burden the consumer with having to provide pay-related documentation, in most instances.


IRS Income Verification (4506-T tax transcript service)

For deeper insight into an applicant’s income, the IRS Income Verification (4506-T tax transcript service) from Equifax enables lenders to retrieve all tax transcript forms via streamlined fulfillment through our direct connection with the IRS. Our upfront quality check, robust QC reporting capabilities, eSignature Capture offering, and other features can help you receive faster tax transcript results and fewer rejections from the IRS.

GSE Validation Programs

Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty

Freddie Mac Automated Income Assessment

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