What is I-9 Anywhere?
Whether you want to keep your hiring managers focused on more strategic activities, get a better handle on your remote employees, or help eliminate errors, the I-9 Anywhere service can help!

I-9 Anywhere delivers section 2 completion at a time and place convenient for your new hires. Not only will your new hires get a great experience from the start, but you'll have confidence with our intuitive and proprietary technology. With flexible completer options we've got you and your new hires covered.
See I-9 Anywhere in action
I-9 Anywhere is as easy as...
Complete Section 1 from any device
Schedule a convenient time and place to complete Section 2
Meet the Completer... it's that easy!
Section 2 Completer Options
Concierge Completers
Representative meets your new hire at a convenient place and time

Equifax provides trained completers
Local Completers
Your new hire visits one of the completer locations across the country

Equifax provides trained completers
Employer Selected Completers
You name a completer for your employee

Does not use Equifax completers
Trained Completers Where You I-9
Easy access to support in any city
Tap into our extensive network of nationwide completers
Taking care of your I-9s while taking care of your employees has never been this easy!
  • Give your new hires a great experience
  • Focus your staff on strategic priorities
  • Drive consistency when HR is centralized
  • Coveryour remotehires
  • Manage your M&A I-9s
  • Handle mass hiring events
Plus More!
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