Underwriting and Quality Control
Produce quality loan files and assess loan file quality easily with differentiated
information obtained from the source.
How We Help
Credit Data
Make more informed decisions in home equity lending using market-leading credit data.

Leverage the Equifax Consumer Report to obtain current and reliable consumer credit data from the Equifax repository.
Trended Credit*Hi-Lite
Help make more confident credit decisions in seconds with the Equifax flagship tri-merge credit report.

Trended Credit*Hi-Lite is a single, dual, or tri-merge consumer credit report that delivers 24 consecutive months of account level data from credit grantors, collections and public records.
Income and Employment Verification
Offer a better borrower experience and help minimize delays with income and employment data directly from employers, leveraging The Work Number(R).

The solution can be used to determine a consumer’s employment and income for:

- Underwriting loan modifications
- Mitigating delinquency risk
- Portfolio management activities
IRS Income Verification (4506-T Tax Transcript Service)
The IRS Income Verification (4506-T tax transcript service) from Equifax enables verification
of applicant-stated income using data from tax returns.

Through our direct connection with the IRS, the solution can be used for:

- Fulfillment of self-employed proof of income
- Documentation for underwriting loan modifications
- Mitigating delinquency risk
- Portfolio management activities
Collateral Value Connector and Property Condition Report
Help facilitate compliance with Interagency Guidelines with an independently-validated AVM inspection report.

Collateral Value Connector (CVC) offers access to the industry's leading AVM companies and products. Using results from Solidifi's independent testing, CVC selects the appropriate AVM at the most granular level possible. Combined with an exterior Property Condition Report, you can be assured they've met the regulatory guidelines.
Property Data and Analytics Online Reports
Confidently validate property value in your appraisal QC process.

Equifax online property reports provide instant access to reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive property data and analytics online or via web services. These standard reports include:

- Property Condition Report
- Intelligent Property Report (AVM)
- Area Recent Sales Report
- Area Active Listings Report
- Competitive Market Climate Report
- MLS Details Report
- Equifax Home Price Index Report
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