Pre and Post-Foreclosure/Other REO
Mitigate default and foreclosure risk with a cost-effective and accurate property value report
How We Help
Collateral Value Connector
Confidently validate property value in your other REO portfolio with a proven and precise AVM.

Collateral Value Connector organizes the industry's leading AVMs in a 'cascade' or 'waterfall' arrangement, enabling lenders to optimize automated collateral valuation strategies, streamline workflows and facilitate compliance with collateral valuation guidelines issued by federal regulators.
Collateral Value Connector and Property Condition Report
Confidently validate Broker Price Opinions and mitigate conflict of interest with a proven and cost-effective AVM.

Together, the solutions enable lenders to:

  • Optimize automated collateral valuation strategies
  • Facilitate collateral valuation compliance guidelines
  • Assess the condition and conformity of a property
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