Marketing and Risk
Identify HELOC growth opportunities and manage portfolio risk with consumer
credit and property data solutions from a single source.
How We Help
Customer Portfolio Review (CPR) and PortfolioID Advantage
Efficiently identify risk and/or cross-sell (growth) opportunities using credit, trended data and property data.

Appends data to an existing portfolio to help lenders understand the following:

- Current mix of customers to show risk distribution
- Customer segment
- Changes of vintages since booking
- Growth opportunities
Premium Customer Portfolio Review (PCPR)
Enhance the profitability, mitigate the losses and contain the costs of your portfolio with employer-provided employment and income data.

This service offers alternative data sources for income and employment information along with debt-to-income, monthly payment and projected annual income information, helping you improve:

- Account decisioning
- Account prioritization
- Treatment strategy selection
Lost Sales Analysis
Determine strategies to acquire and retain more business with Equifax public record property data.

With Lost Sales Analysis, we help you understand:

- Where retention marketing leads ended up
- The loan terms associated with a competing loan
- Why approved applicants were not closed
- Why existing customers were lost
Advanced Decisioning Attributes
Get a standardized view into consumer credit information across all three credit reporting agencies to support consistent decisions.

Receive a standardized set of consumer attributes to form a consistent view of your customers across the three major credit reporting agencies.
AVM Insight
Manage your collateral risk in your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) portfolio with a market-leading and cost-effective AVM including:

- Account acquisition
- Portfolio segmentation and analysis
- Prepayment analysis
- Loss mitigation
- Identification of properties or market areas that have experienced significant appreciation or depreciation
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