Marketing and Acquisition
Identify and Capture More of the Right Borrowers by Applying Predictive Analytics
and Event-based Insights to Your Segmentation and Acquisition Strategies
How We Help
Mortgage Lead Generation Models
Find new customers earlier in their buying process to help increase your conversion rate with a highly predictive score from Equifax.

Mortgage Lead Generation Models are a set of pre-market non-FCRA propensity scores. The models address the current need to identify, contact, and secure clients earlier in the sales cycle, typically 2 - 6 months before a transaction occurs.
Help increase effectiveness of home equity acquisition promotions using credit and trended data to make firm offers of credit.

Custom Prescreen solution offers:

-Pre-approved customizable mailing lists
-Differentiated wealth and asset data available only from Equifax
-Data from all available credit scores and attributes
-Ability to define custom attributes for HELOC promotions
Prescreen Direct with Property™
Target consumers geographically that meet your lending criteria with a robust, easily-customized and cost-effective marketing tool.

Prescreen Direct with Property is an acquisition marketing solution for FCRA-compliant campaigns that leverages credit and property data to identify mortgage or home equity leads that meet a lender’s specific criteria.
TargetPoint™ Acquisition Triggers
Find consumers demonstrating in-market behaviors to improve acquisition rates.

Home Equity Triggers can provide:

- A pre-approved name delivery service that monitors the credit file
- Home equity inquiries within the last 30 days
- 30 event-based triggers
- Output available daily, weekly or monthly
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