Maximize Account Value

Engaged customers are more satisfied and profitable customers. At Equifax, we help grow your business and optimize the value of your customer relationships by giving you a wider view of your customers across the account lifecycle.  

We combine our industry leading data with advanced analytics and technology to deliver fresh, meaningful customer insights that can help strengthen your upsell and cross-sell efforts and engagement strategies. We can pinpoint your consumer customers who are also potential small business owners with our exclusive data linking technology. Make special offers to key customers based on share of wallet, propensity, financial capacity and lifetime value measures using our detailed marketing analytics. 

From origination through account management, gain a deeper understanding of your customers to maximize account value and ensure a better customer experience. As your customer base grows, stay up-to-date with automated account monitoring tools, and efficient data management solutions that help you maintain clean, updated customer information.

  • Visualize opportunity in markets often associated with higher risk using insights from trended historical data, proprietary Equifax data, alternative data from the cable, utility and telecom industries and other exclusive sources.
  • Recognize positive changes in your customers’ financial needs and capabilities with access to employment and income data, asset and wealth measurement, and lifestyle and spending behaviors, in addition to account monitoring, and automated alerts.
  • Better segment and focus on interested audiences using robust credit, financial capacity and behavioral attributes, and advanced modeling, analytics and technology tools to help you  make more optimized offers. 
  • Optimize omni-channel marketing efforts by leveraging comprehensive consumer financial, behavioral and attitudinal insights to focus on optimal customers and deliver a consistent message across all channels.
Featured Products and Solutions
Optimize collections and credit management processes with cloud-based workflow automation technology
EFX Link
Linkage of your business and consumer customers' information to identify new sales opportunities
Trended Credit Attributes
Target the ideal customer with expanded consumer credit insight
Credit Marketing Services
Accelerate portfolio performance and increase acquisition with actionable credit based insight