Freddie Mac is reimagining the mortgage experience through the Automated Income Assessment Program.  The program gives lenders the ability to leverage third party service providers, such as Equifax, through automation designed to reduce documentation and speed up the loan origination process.  Key benefits:



Search for Prospects

Quicker borrower

Encrich Accounts

Cost and time savings

Family Tree

Process Efficiencies

Family Tree

Improved borrower experience

Family Tree

Rep and warranty relief
when the data meets underwriting and eligibility requirements


Eligible Equifax Solutions

As the first provider of instant income verification, via The Work Number®, for the income assessment portion of the Freddie Mac program, Equifax helps reduce borrower-supplied paperwork and enable a frictionless consumer experience.



How it Works

In order to leverage verification solutions from Equifax to participate in the Freddie Mac Income Assessment Program, lenders must officially “opt-in” with Equifax. Once opted in, Equifax is able to provide audit copies of completed verifications to Freddie Mac through the Audit By Loan Number, or ABLN, process.


Audit By Loan Number Process

Freddie Mac - How It Works

Equifax Alliances Enabled for Audit By Loan Number

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