Product Overview

FraudIQ® Identity Score helps prevent fraud by delivering identity insights that detect linkages and suspicious patterns. This helps determine that the customer is who they claim to be. Using insights and customizable scoring, you can make critical decisions in real time when spotting potential fraudulent requests – often without increasing manual reviews or sacrificing customer satisfaction.

FraudIQ Identity Score leverages Equifax’s advanced keying logic to validate components of an applicant’s identity. This keying technology drives down the number of false positives that normally accompany fraud products. As shown by Equifax’s customer validation studies, decisions based not only on high-quality data about an individual from multiple data assets, but also with advanced analytics, can result in an almost 25% reduction in false positive rates.

FraudIQ Identity Score provides you with scores, reason codes and attributes to help you answer the following questions:

Does the identity information exist and match a real identity?

Are there inconsistencies with the applicant’s behavior across a consortium of data?

Does this application have high risk variables that are known to be predictive of fraud?

Does this meet Customer Identification requirements under the USA Patriot Act and red flag compliance?