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Product Overview

Help protect your business from account opening fraud with alerts that help you quickly spot fraudulent identity components that may indicate synthetic ID fraud or identity theft.

Synthetic identify fraud is an increasing concern, with analyst estimates that over half of all new account fraud involves synthetic identities which go unreported. Businesses are challenged with detecting ever more prevalent identity theft as well as more sophisticated application fraud. You need a comprehensive solution that begins with quickly identifying suspicious information and potential fraud.

FraudIQ® Identity Alerts assist in identifying potentially fraudulent information on account applications such as credit fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot addresses, suspicious phone numbers and other potential risk factors.

Effective screening is the critical first step in helping identify and further interrogating potentially suspicious activity.

  • Detect identity red flags and determine if the identity presented is real or synthetic
  • Receive alerts on the SSN only, or additional separate alerts for SSN, address, telephone, and other identity components

FraudIQ Identity Alerts leverage more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary database sources which help effectively detect potential identity theft and application fraud. The alerts are not industry specific and can be used across any industry to help detect fraud before it happens. The alerts can be delivered through multiple channels and easily added to existing processes by seamlessly integrating with your existing risk tools.