Fraud and Risk Solutions for Communications

Manage risk, reduce fraud and curtail losses with sophisticated identity verification and modeling tools

Mitigate fraud, manage risk

Fighting fraud is an ongoing challenge. Our solutions enable you to predict losses from credit, fraud and identify potential breaches before they occur. Designed to defend your company against even the most sophisticated deception practices, our solution helps you detect suspicious activity in real time—and keep credit and fraud exposures at bay.


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Make smart, efficient credit decisions throughout the commercial customer's lifecycle with predictive credit risk scores that offer reliable insight into fraud and financial risk, general credit worthiness and potential for failure, without the effort of manually reviewing a business credit report.

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Businesses are challenged with detecting increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts. Growing reliance on online channels and a marketplace where 'instant credit approvals' are often demanded presents even greater opportunities for skilled fraudsters. While traditional identity screening can help identify synthetic and true-name fraud attempts, more sophisticated solutions also uncover behavioral patterns that are difficult for fraudsters to fake. FraudIQ Identity Score detects patterns across institutions and industries that are indicative of fraudulent activity in real-time.

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FraudIQ Identity Alerts provides access to over a dozen, up-to-date, public and proprietary databases to effectively identify potential or known identity theft and fraud risks in real-time. FraudIQ Identity Alerts detects suspicious activity by leveraging data sources such as credit fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot address and phone number lists. Prioritized alerts helps with better identification of possible fraud.

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An Internet-based service, eIDcompare™ validates that an applicant's identity actually exists and provides an overall risk score for that identity. Useful as a 'frictionless' first layer of defense in a multi-layered strategy, eIDcompare leverages a waterfall approach to validating applicant information against multiple data sources. If an identity is connected to questionable activity, eIDcompare delivers a warning indicator, reason codes, data source validation, and either a 'pass' or 'manual review' recommendation. eIDcompare standardizes and reviews applicant-provided information to test for data inconsistencies and irregularities, including checking for details such as data that has been reported as belonging to a deceased person.

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Using a five-step process which works by asking intelligent questions related to an applicant's history—like past residences, employment, and credit data—eIDverifier® uniquely authenticates their identity. First performing an upfront validation of identity, all subsequent questions are tailored and specific to each applicant. Leveraging a waterfall approach to validate information against multiple data sources and using these data sources in concert, eIDverifier offers excellent match rates, even for hard-to-ID populations like underbanked, young adults, immigrants, and the elderly.

Detect and prevent fraud before it happens