Boost Right-Party Contact with Unique Proprietary Sources

FirstSearch™ delivers the most current and comprehensive right-party contacts by leveraging unique proprietary data sources to support more effective skip-tracing efforts. FirstSearch delivers the power of daily access to millions of consumers and in competitive testing has delivered 20% more right-party contacts and a 50% direct hit ratio. By accessing unique, previously untapped data sources, FirstSearch gives your business the competitive advantage of making contact with a debtor first.

FirstSearch helps your business:

  • Maximize skip-tracing efforts
  • Focus collection strategies
  • Increase recovery rates
  • Improve profitability
  • Optimize resource allocation

Get fresh consumer contact information from FirstSearch with access to proprietary sources that are among the first to know when a consumer has moved or requested services for a physical address.

Combining those unique sources with proven Equifax consumer credit data provides the critical consumer information you need to make contact first, including:

  • Previous and current address
  • Previous and current phone numbers
  • Address and phone number status code
  • Cell phone indicator
  • Deceased indicator


Increase the power of FirstSearch with Equifax FirstSearch™ Portfolio Monitoring and gain continuous, daily monitoring of your collection portfolio for name changes, new addresses and/or phone numbers. Get more right-party contacts and gain the advantage of reaching the debtor before your competition.

Enhance collection success with FirstSearch.

FirstSearch from Equifax may only be used for collections activities.