Financial Spectrum

Enhance customer segmentation by differentiating households with financial measures

Product Overview

Financial Spectrum is an asset-based household segmentation system, available exclusively for IXI Network Member Firms that segments customers and prospects based on anonymous financial and behavioral characteristics. Financial Spectrum leverages our direct measurement of anonymous liquid financial assets and was developed using Neustar’s industry-leading segmentation expertise.

Financial services marketers can use Financial Spectrum to better understand the likely financial and behavioral characteristics of distinct customer and prospect groups in order to increase the relevance and effectiveness of their marketing efforts.


Key Benefits

  • Segments customers based on estimated consumer financial capacity, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics
  • Enables financial services firms to identify top customer clusters, improve communications, and target new clusters with desired financial potential and tendencies
  • Enhances both offline and online targeting
  • Leverages foundation of anonymous direct-measured assets
  • Excludes the use of protected-class demographics offering a compliance-friendly solution for use in non-FCRA marketing applications across the customer lifecycle


Applying Financial Spectrum to Your Business

  • Better profile customers for a more accurate predictive measure of how they will interact with you
  • Size markets and identify growth opportunities
  • Define product strategy and distribution
  • Prospect for new customers
  • Optimize cross-sell or upsell
  • Improve CRM and loyalty efforts
  • Tailor positioning and messaging of creative and copy
  • Choose marketing channels and media placement
  • Target ads online and optimize websites
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