The Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty Program is designed to simplify mortgage lending and put borrowers into homes faster.  Lenders using Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service can enhance loan origination controls, process efficiencies and certainty around borrower income, assets, and employment input into DU.  Key Benefits:


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Easier Documentation

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Streamlined Loan

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Process Efficiencies

Family Tree

Dynamic Underwriting

Family Tree

Day 1 Certainty® 

Eligible Equifax Solutions

As the first designated third party provider of income and employment verification as part of the DU validation service for Day 1 Certainty, Equifax helps lenders improve operational efficiencies and reduce borrower-supplied paperwork with a full suite of eligible solutions.

How It Works

In order to leverage verification solutions from Equifax to participate in the Fannie Mae DU validation service, lenders must officially “opt-in” with Equifax. Once opted in, Equifax is able to provide audit copies of completed verifications to Fannie Mae through the Audit By Loan Number, or ABLN, process.


Audit By Loan Number Process

Fannie Mae - How It Works

Equifax Alliances Enabled for Audit By Loan Number

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