Product Overview

For high-volume service providers, it's vital that you collect more debt than you charge off. You need consistent, reliable access to fast, timely location information about your debtors. Specifically, you need the freshest information possible regarding their addresses and phone numbers so that you can reach them—first, before other creditors.

Exchange Search is a unique, back-end skip trace solution that gives you direct access to the premium, differentiated data you need for a faster, more productive collections process.

With the only industry based collections tool of its kind, you have access to contact information on new connects and defaulted and/or fraudulent accounts from contributing members—more than 60 of your peer organizations from across the US.

You get data that is more current and accurate than traditional skip-tracing data, and more relevant since it's collected within industries and geographic regions similar to yours. It's differentiated insight that can help you:

  • Increase right-party contact rates
  • Prioritize collection efforts
  • Improve productivity and process efficiency