Equifax Risk Score

Deeper credit evaluation drives smarter credit decisions

Product Overview

Grow your business with a comprehensive credit model

Equifax Risk Score is an enhanced risk model designed to help predict the likelihood of a consumer becoming 90+ days delinquent within 24 months. This scoring solution provides rank-ordered risk perspective to support informed credit decisions, help reduce risk exposure and increase portfolio profitability. Equifax Risk Score delivers intuitive, comprehensive scoring tools backed by the reliability and depth of Equifax consumer credit information. Gain consumer insight that strengthens your business across all facets of the account lifecycle:

  • Strengthen portfolio quality
  • Increase acquisition
  • Manage risk exposure
  • Drive more effective collections

Equifax Risk Score delivers a multi-faceted consumer viewpoint based on length of credit history, depth of credit information and delinquency history. Equifax Risk Score can help pinpoint new marketing and cross-sell opportunities or identify areas of risk exposure when combined with the Equifax Bankruptcy Navigator Index.

With Equifax Risk Score, you get predictive perspective that helps speed credit decisions while adding a layer of protection against risk at every point in the account lifecycle. Increase targeting precision, understand new expansion opportunities, streamline collections efforts and mitigate risk exposure with the powerful scoring insight delivered by Equifax Risk Score.

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