Equifax House Price Index

Granular house price data at your fingertips

Product Overview

Equifax House Price Index™ is a ground-breaking collateral valuation tool capable of reporting median price trends at very granular levels of geography while maintaining an acceptable level of statistical significance. The Index leverages Equifax's proprietary market segmentation technology that allows for the reporting of median price movement on more than 45,000 unique market segment areas. This segmentation technology ensures the most granular reporting and accurate price trends possible. Our solution is also capable of reporting median price trends for virtually every zip code, county, MSA, and state across the US and is ideal for enabling marketing, portfolio segmentation, and due diligence exercises.

The value to your business:

  • Access more than 10 years of historical price trend data to power acquisition, prepay, and default models
  • Easily compare and contrast the price performance of a given property's market segment to that of the broader market
  • Real-time price reporting ensures accurate decisioning
  • Equifax House Price Index data is available on an ad-hoc (property-specific) or subscription basis
  • Monthly or quarterly updates are available in CSV format for easy incorporation into existing models
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