Equifax Contact Link

Efficient, one-stop access to the largest collection of business contacts to help generate B2B leads

Product Overview

In B2B marketing, your success rests on your ability to target and connect with the right buyers and influencers. Equifax Contact Link can help by giving you efficient, one-stop access to the largest collection of business contact information - plus the unique ability to customize your data.

With Contact Link, you can easily select your target audiences from a standard function and rank framework to help maximize your record matches, while allowing you to maintain marketing precision for business leads. Based on the needs of your organization or a specific campaign, you can drill down to business contacts by specific location, industry, role or title. What's more, you get hard bounce-back protection to ensure you don't pay for emails that bounce back due to no existing contact at an address.

You get more value for your marketing dollars, with less risk.

  • Target contacts based on specific locations, industries, roles such as marketing, and titles such as manager level and above
  • Save time by using one data source, with no need for multiple vendors, de-duping or overlap tracking of contacts
  • Streamline list building by selecting audiences from a standardized function and rank framework
  • Reach more receptive audiences through a multi-channel approach
  • Boost ROI with better-performing lists that include hard bounce-back protection
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