Product Overview

Prescreen campaigns have long relied on direct mail to reach your target audience. But today’s consumers rely on digital means for their correspondence and transactions. That is why it is critical to get your Prescreen offers in front of your audience via the communication they check frequently – their email. Now you can work with us to append email addresses to your Prescreen list and deliver firm offers of credit directly to your target audience’s inbox. By sending FCRA-compliant firm offers of credit to your prescreened prospects via email, you can optimize messaging, pivot fast, and help drive quicker response. 
Prescreen email offers without direct mail? 
Yes! If desired, Prescreen offers can be delivered only via email, saving you the significant time and expense of direct mail execution.
Here is how enhanced email append works:

  • Match: We match your Prescreen list to email addresses based on match logic using consumers’ names and addresses. Email addresses can also be matched to ITA or other house files.
  • Append and Hygiene: Equifax appends emails and conducts a three-step hygiene process to optimize email deliverability.
  • Execution: The email list is sent to your email service provider for execution or you can work with the Equifax email fulfillment service. Equifax reviews all

Prescreen communications, text-based creative and HTML with text, to ensure FCRA compliance. The Equifax email fulfillment service must be used.

Benefit From Triple-Scrub Process to Enhance Email Hygiene and Reach 99% Deliverability
Equifax offers best-in-class email scrubbing and hygiene to maximize email deliverability and campaign ROI.

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