Product Overview
Strategic decisions start with expanded consumer insight

Enhanced DTI™ delivers an actionable three-digit score to help evaluate consumer risk, based on debt and income, and support stronger lending decisions. Combined with a broad-based credit score, this proactive tool helps lenders differentiate between consumers within the same credit band to effectively segment offers, minimize risk and strengthen portfolio performance and quality. Enhanced DTI provides actionable decisioning support to help lenders:

  • Identify more creditworthy prospects during prescreening
  • Increase appropriate line assignments
  • Strengthen compliance efforts
  • Refine risk-based pricing
  • Target customer management actions
  • Limit risk exposure

Enhanced DTI gives you the ability to improve segmenting and avoid unnecessary risk with focused debt and income variables relevant to specific portfolio types, including:

  • Bankcard
  • Automotive
  • Retail

This tool can also provide an additional capacity measure for mortgage and equity lending to support real estate loan modifications and other real estate transactions.

Enhanced DTI is available online and offline and offers an intuitive, easy-to-interpret score to support well informed consumer evaluations. Leverage actionable consumer intelligence from Enhanced DTI to identify viable up-sell opportunities and make critical decisions to minimize risk exposure and maximize portfolio performance.