Product Overview

eIDcompare™ is an Internet-based service that that helps companies mitigate the risk of doing business online by validating that an applicant's identity actually exists and by offering an overall risk score for that identity. Useful as a 'frictionless' first layer of defense in a multi-layered strategy, eIDcompare leverages a waterfall approach to validating applicant information against multiple data sources.

  • Standardizes and reviews applicant-provided information to test for data inconsistencies and irregularities. This includes checking for details such as data that has been reported as belonging to a deceased person and the validation application data formats.
  • Conducts a pattern recognition algorithm on each transaction. For example, a velocity parameter determines the number of times an applicant has applied for verification in a specific time frame.
  • Determines the risk associated with the device used including device identity, IP address, and reported prior fraud behavior
  • Uses a waterfall approach in gathering validation information from multiple data sources to confirm an identity's legitimacy. This means that if the identity cannot be validated with the first data source, it will proceed to the next data source until the identity is validated.
  • Applies a statistical model that generates a fraud index that can be leveraged in the overall assessment of an applicant.

If an identity is connected to questionable activity, eIDcompare delivers a warning indicator, reason codes, data source validation, and either a 'pass' or 'manual review' recommendation.

  • Validates that an identity exists, and that of itself, is legitimate
  • Identifies misused addresses and telephone numbers
  • Identifies misused or fraudulent Social Security numbers
  • Verifies whether an identity is associated with suspicious fraud attributes
  • Offers High, Med, Low Reason Code Risk Levels
  • Includes a Predictive Fraud Score option
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