Identity validation and fraud risk assessment

Product Overview

eIDcompare™ is a comprehensive identity verification tool that confirms the likelihood that an identity exists, as well as the likelihood of the identity being associated with fraud. When used as a “frictionless” first layer of defense in a multi-layered strategy or for less risky online transactions, eIDcompare is an economical solution that leverages a waterfall approach to validating applicant information against multiple data sources.

  • Customize security requirements specific to your industry or business needs
  • Passively assess fraud risk profiles of new applicants for online services
  • Reduce website abandonment rates 
  • Segment “bads” from an online population as part of a risk strategy
  • Minimize manual processing time and costs
  • Comply with USA PATRIOT Act, FFIEC and FCRA guidelines

If an identity is connected to questionable activity, eIDcompare delivers a warning indicator, reason codes, data source validation, and either a “pass” or “manual review” recommendation – all in real time.

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