Limit Risk in Education

Whether you operate as a public, private, K-12, higher ed, for-profit, or not-for-profit institution, your mission centers around one goal—educating others as effectively as possible. However, challenges like compliance risk in managing your workforce, identity fraud with your applicants and a lack of resources and data to effectively report and track performance metrics can quickly take you off course.

Equifax delivers information solutions designed to keep you compliant and operating efficiently across a diverse student and employee population. Concerns with fraud, limited credit history, I-9 compliance, reasonable assurance of employment, and verifications of income and employment can all be addressed with leveraging our unique data assets, leading innovation and insightful analytics.

Integrate our unrivaled consumer and employment data with your own unique data sources to build a comprehensive report card on your organizational performance.

We recognize the unique workforce concerns facing education providers. A diverse population of full and part-time employees, student-employees, as well as seasonal faculty and staff raises concerns with I-9 compliance, reasonable assurance of employment, and verifications of income and employment Equifax is well prepared to address.

Verifying identities and determining the potential for applicant fraud also presents complexity - particularly for young student populations typically lacking detailed credit histories. Using alternate data like payment of utility bills combined with other identity data, we can limit your exposure to fraud and inappropriate payments in student lending.

Validation of graduate placement rates is another information need we are equipped to support. We provide exclusive on-demand access to direct employment and income data from over 3,000 top employers, delivering information you can trust will meet compliance, accreditation and performance metrics needs.

Featured Products and Solutions
Identity validation and fraud risk assessment
FraudIQ Authenticate
Risk-based authentication helps prevent identity fraud while maintaining the customer experience
Portal Security and Privacy
Protect PII and other sensitive data