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For risk and marketing managers who want to transform today’s economic uncertainty into a better understanding of risk and drive more confident decisions


For lenders and marketers who need access to credit predictors


For lenders and marketers who want to mitigate their risk for consumer and commercial portfolios


For risk managers who want to understand a customer's economic situation

Response DIGITAL

For marketers and fraud prevention managers who want to help customers self-serve


For state government workforce agencies who need to deliver payments quickly and accurately to individuals and families

Response FREE

For anyone who wants to understand economic conditions and how it might impact their business

Market Pulse Webinar Series

Effectively manage risk and opportunities. Obtain the very latest in economic trends from Equifax and industry experts with the bi-weekly Market Pulse webinar series.

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Market Pulse Resources

Monitor Economic Forecasts

Concerned about economic volatility?
Prepare your business in the event of an economic downturn.

Recession Planning and Preparedness

Need instant visibility into today's market?
The Credit Trends Weekly Economic Vitality App offers national, state, and MSA views.

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Understand Employment and Income Impacts

Unemployment laws are changing fast, along with an increased need for remote I-9 completion. In addition, lenders and other service providers need to stay abreast of consumer job status and wage changes to offer help where it's needed.

Helpful Articles
HR Happy Hour:

Managing HR Compliance Needs

During the Pandemic

Webinar Replay:
I-9s for Today's HR, Onboarding in a Virtual World. In this webinar we share: 

  • Insight on some of the temporary Form I-9 guidance related to COVID-19
  • Key considerations for management of Section 2, now and in the future
  • Tools to help you get a handle on your I-9s, even when you can't be in-person

How Equifax is Helping Consumers Maintain

Credit Standing During COVID-19

Track Credit Trends for Risks and Opportunities

Organizations can obtain a weekly assessment of U.S. credit trends across geo-markets with the Consumer Credit Trends Report to compare portfolio and origination performance and assist with modeling.

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Accelerate the Digital Environment

Be digitally ready in the new normal.
As work from home becomes the new normal, how can lenders and service providers respond with excellent virtual customer experiences?

Consumers expect more as businesses continue to transform.
Find data driven marketing resources during COVID-19, and drive frictionless digital experiences.
Next Steps - Data-Driven Marketing
Marketers are re-evaluating their strategies with the pandemic, including focusing on new customer needs, digital marketing, and looking at financial durability. Optimize customer value through data.
InstaTouch® Suite
The pandemic has accelerated the move to digital channels. Businesses can improve their online processes with pre-filled forms, consumer authentication, easier payments, and better offers.

3 Actions to Take Now to Improve

Your Account Management

Effectively Manage Portfolios

Challenges have been mounting.
Loan and other product portfolio risk levels are in flux, and it can be challenging keeping up with the impacts of the CARES Act and other accommodation programs. It's important to manage risk levels, but at the same time help your customers by offering them the right products for their needs while expanding their access to credit.

From Equifax CEO, Mark Begor

"Taking care of our customers is at the center of everything we do, so I want to assure you that our teams are focused on proactive steps to help reinforce strong business practices as this continues."

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