Digital Targeting Segments

Enrich online targeting and marketing through unique financial and propensity measures

Product Overview

Our digital product suite enables clients to leverage valuable financial-based insights in their online marketing. Our Digital Targeting Segments help online marketers find more appropriate audiences and improve online targeting based on estimated consumer financial capacity, spending, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics.

Online marketers can use our digital targeting products to reach more visitors with the desired financial profile and propensities for their products and services, and serve the right offer, with the right message and creative, based on visitors' likely financial position and purchase tendencies.

Marketers can target online audiences by:

  • A range of consumer financial capacity estimates, such as wealth, income and spending
  • Likely propensities for consumer financial services such as retail banking, investment, mortgage and consumer lending products
  • Likely propensity for consumer spending categories such as travel, telecommunications, retail, auto and others
  • Estimated characteristics of small businesses such as number of employees, company type, and estimated assets

Key Benefits

  • Improve efficiency of online advertising budgets by refining target audiences based on their estimated financial profiles
  • Can improve CPAs by helping you reach more high-potential customers
  • Leverages our proprietary foundation of anonymous, direct measured financial data not found in other targeting options
  • Built without incorporating or revealing any personally identifiable information by leveraging anonymous, aggregated neighborhood-level data

Applying Digital Targeting Segments to Your Business

  • Reach the right audience with online ad campaigns
  • Seek consumers with specific behaviors, preferences or characteristics, a propensity, and the capacity to consume particular products or services
  • Tailor creative and offers by audience financial and economic profile
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