Digital Onboarding

Reach Your Best Customers Online

Reach Your Best Customers Online

You are likely already connecting with your best customers through email, or when they log into your portal or app. But how about via other digital channels? Are you reaching them via the channels they use most – online, mobile, social, radio, and TV?

Onboarding enables marketers to convert their customer or prospect data in a secure environment to a digital format that can be used for digital and online targeting. With onboarding, your company can:

  • Enable one-to one multi-channel marketing to your customers
  • Extend your audience and enhance prospecting
  • Suppress current customers from online acquisition campaigns
  • Enhance segmentation with Equifax or other 3rd party data
  • Extend your Prescreen campaign messaging
  • Facilitate closed-loop campaign measurement
  • Personalize your website for various visitor types

Get started with onboarding today

Leverage our relationships with prominent ad tech companies to get started with onboarding now - here's a sample workflow:

  • Securely deliver a file of your target audience to us
  • We standardize your file and remove PII
  • We can help you enhance your target audience
  • We convert your offline data to an online format for the digital channel of your choice
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