Data-driven Digital Targeting

Our digital marketing solutions provide data-driven targeting tools that help marketers activate omni-channel marketing efforts. These solutions enable marketers to get more out of their interactive strategies by optimizing marketing to consumers that are more likely to have the right financial profile and behaviors for their offer and brand.


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Our AudienceIntel audience intelligence tool enables online advertisers to better evaluate what types of consumers are actually viewing and responding to their ads and websites.

By measuring online audiences in terms of their estimated financial characteristics and product propensities, AudienceIntel allows marketers to evaluate campaign and website performance in real time and make instant adjustments. This helps optimize use of marketing budgets and ensure the right message is reaching the right audience.

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The digital product suite from Equifax enables clients to leverage valuable financial-based insights in their online marketing. Our Digital Targeting Segments help online marketers find more appropriate audiences and improve online targeting based on estimated consumer financial capacity, spending, investment style, behaviors, and characteristics. 

Online marketers can use these digital targeting products to reach more visitors with the desired financial profile and propensities for their products and services, and serve the right offer, with the right message and creative, based on visitors' likely financial position and purchase tendencies.

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With addressable TV advertising, marketers can define their audiences by virtually any segmented attribute including company transaction and loyalty data, income, attitudes, behaviors, and likely financial and economic profiles, or any other characteristic a company uses to define its audiences for direct mail and other digital campaigns. Equifax helps advertisers implement addressable TV campaigns by joining forces with the top three addressable TV providers. What’s more, Equifax assists marketers in measuring the impact of their addressable TV ads in terms of company-specific metrics and KPIs through our closed-loop attribution solution.

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Digital Onboarding enables marketers to convert their customer or prospect data in a secure environment to a digital format that can be used for online targeting. Equifax can help companies reach their target customers via the devices they use most, engage in omni-channel marketing, track return on ad spend, and deepen. customer relationships.

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