Delinquency Management Solutions

Access the freshest right-party contact information available on delinquent debtors

Recover debt more efficiently

Speed, precision, and prioritization are paramount for successful debt recovery. Equifax can provide all three, along with access to previously untapped data to help you recover debt faster with more efficiently. Equifax delivers premier skip-tracing solutions specifically designed to ensure the most current information for right-party contacts.


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Any data provider can return a list of prior addresses and phone numbers. But  if it doesn't include current contact information, it's useless. The faster you can connect with debtors, the better your chances of recovering outstanding debt ahead of other collectors. Now you can get that competitive edge with FirstSearch from Equifax—a unique, back-end skip-trace solution that delivers the most accurate right-party contact information for improved debt recovery at a lower cost and in less time.

In competitive validation tests, FirstSearch consistently scores highest in returning more right-party addresses, right-party telephone numbers and unique phone numbers than incumbent solutions.

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As consumer debt and personal bankruptcies increase, you need cost-effective solutions that help you identify the consumers most likely to pay—maximizing your effectiveness and return on debt recovery efforts. Recovery Report is an abbreviated consumer report which helps you to improve your skip-tracing efforts and better determine a consumer's ability to pay.  With information based on more than 210 million consumer filesupdated dailyRecovery Report allows you to use advanced search techniques and matching logic to get the consumer credit information you need for fast, informed decisions.

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