Optimize new customer acquisition

BusinessConnect for Marketing lets you easily search for businesses, build prospect lists and enrich existing Force.com® records using the Equifax B2B marketing database.

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Segment & Target

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Increase Your ROI

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Upsell & Cross-Sell

Search for Prospects

Search for Prospects

Enter new markets and create marketing campaigns by searching for businesses and contacts that meet your selling criteria.

Encrich Accounts

Enrich Accounts, Leads,
and Contacts

Bring back and save over 100 data elements in Salesforce like annual sales, industry codes, linkage information, and more.

Family Tree

Family Tree

Look up the affiliate or legal hierarchy of your accounts and discover business opportunities within organizations you already do business with.

Make the Transition from Data.com
With Data.com being phased out, BusinessConnect is the only other native Salesforce app that offers business contacts, family tree functionality, and that is populated with world class SMB.
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Convert Prospects Into Customers
Sales and Marketing data can help your business find better prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

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Subject to certain restrictions, one month free for new customers only, limit one per customer. Limited time offer.