Customer Portfolio Review

Proactively evaluate your portfolio with custom criteria

Product Overview

Reduce risk and grow your portfolio with deep insight on your customers’ credit behaviors

Customer Portfolio Review℠ delivers the power to proactively screen the accounts in your portfolio against customized criteria to quickly provide deeper customer behavior insights, support informed decisioning, and keep portfolio profitability in focus.

  • Reduce losses and risk exposure by monitoring credit-worthiness of accounts
  • Segment accounts for cross-sell
  • Strengthen compliance and fraud mitigation by spotting issues earlier
  • Determine funding for debt reserves

Customer Portfolio Review helps you assess consumer credit behaviors with maximum criteria flexibility:

  • Over 500 consumer credit attributes
  • Trended data that shows a customer’s credit behavior over a 24-month period

Premium Customer Portfolio Review provides an early warning on consumers’ ability to pay by offering key indicators that may indicate a consumer’s likelihood to be delinquent or default on their obligations:

  • Employer-reported income and employment information
  • Alerts indicating a change in employment status or rate of pay
  • Consumer debt payment information
  • Payment-to-income ratios

Customer Portfolio Review complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Take a proactive stand on portfolio performance while minimizing the impact of high-risk accounts with Customer Portfolio Review.

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