Customer Acquisition and Loyalty for Auto

Equifax Automotive Services provides customer acquisition solutions for lenders

Better data, better offers

Target and win the right automotive customers by making more competitive offers. Equifax provides a mix of differentiated data, current and historical credit information and market analytics, to help you evaluate and segment audiences based on income level, signs of 'in-market' activity, risk profile, propensity to buy within 12 months and more.


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Beat your competitors to the best prospects by identifying consumers who are showing behaviors or signs of being in the market to purchase an automobile. Using proprietary Equifax credit risk data and advanced analytics, our True In-Market Propensity Scores can identify lower risk accounts with higher open rates to help you:

  • Target customers who are most interested in your offers
  • Tailor your campaigns to your desired audience
  • Improve acceptance rates with offers to those who are more likely to open a new account
  • Effectively promote different vehicles and offers to the right segmented audiences by leveraging household information.

For the most efficient and effective acquisition strategy, integrate True In-Market Propensity Scores with other acquisition solutions from Equifax such as targeting and segmenting solutions and Dimensions trended data.


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Optimize your marketing performance by pinpointing the right target audience for the right vehicle brand and model with a deeper, more financially relevant view of consumer households. Our automotive marketing solutions can reveal the estimated financial and economic capacity to purchase, and intent to buy a new vehicle. Using this highly specialized information derived from a foundation of measured, anonymous consumer assets and aggregated credit data, audiences can be segmented by a variety of measures, such as:

  • Likely household financial capacity, including estimated household income up to $2 million
  • Likely intent to buy
  • Demographics, attitudes, behaviors and lifestyles
  • Online targeting segments such as Luxury Vehicle Owners or In Market for Auto Lease

For the most efficient and effective acquisition strategy, integrate our marketing solutions with other acquisition solutions from Equifax such as Dimensions trended data and Automotive Prescreen.

Get a higher return on your marketing investment―and better response rates―by proactively identifying credit-qualified automotive prospects and targeting them in promotions with your most competitive offers. Prescreen leverages proprietary data that helps you build more pinpointed marketing lists, with criteria that can be easily adjusted to meet custom risk tolerances, or define customized attributes to help you:

  • Create tailored Automotive prescreen lists
  • Reach highly specific consumer segments that are in-the-market
  • Prioritize your prospecting efforts

For the most efficient and effective acquisition strategy, integrate Automotive Prescreen with other acquisition solutions from Equifax such as Dimensions.

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Predict future consumer behavior by understanding their past behavior with unique insights into credit usage and payment history transpiring over the previous 24 months. Dimensions provides over 500 consumer attributes to help businesses better segment and target consumers with more competitive offers by identifying consumer patterns and trends by account type. Specifically, the trended data provided by Dimensions can help businesses identify:

  • Future credit stress and risk before delinquency and charge-off
  • Past credit performance and likely future behaviors
  • Propensity to open new Auto accounts within a period of time
  • Accounts more likely to be in-the-market
  • Capacity to finance an vehicle loan without becoming past-due

For the most efficient and effective acquisition strategy, integrate Dimensions with other acquisition solutions from Equifax such as Advanced Decisioning Attributes.

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Build a solid foundation for consistent credit decisions that better align with key automotive risk and profitability goals by getting a standardized view of consumer credit information across all three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs).  Equifax Advanced Decisioning Attributes provide a premium set of tri-bureau enabled consumer credit attributes, plus optional access to a user-friendly interface known as Attribute Navigator that empowers businesses to self-manage attributes without dedicated IT resources. This solution helps:

  • Standardize your view of consumer behavior for more consistent decisions across all three bureau's
  • Minimize the cost of managing multi-sourced attributes
  • Simplify credit attribute management

For more efficient and effective automotive strategies, visit our origination and account management pages.

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TargetPoint Triggers make pinpointing qualified automotive prospects easier and more effective by leveraging credit indicators and triggers to help identify consumers with a near-term propensity to acquire an auto loan. Identify in-market consumers using industry specific triggering options and credit file attributes backed by the power and reliability of our comprehensive credit marketing database. This intuitive prescreen service turns precise timing into targeted results.​

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Digital Targeting Segments Interactive Tool


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