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Presents the key applicable score improvement opportunities
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Product Overview

CreditXpert Inc., an innovator in software technology for the lending community, provides the consumer credit score tools you need to help you close more loans faster. You can now access these online tools through Equifax and take a more consultative approach to improve your applicants' lending experience.

CreditXpert® score optimization tools

  • Credit Assure - Automatically scans your applicant's credit files from each credit reporting agency and presents the key applicable score improvement opportunities based on consumer credit-worthy behavior.
  • CreditXpert Essentials - Automatically determines the best actions your applicants may take to maximize their credit scores. Plus, it helps you understand either the least expensive way to achieve a particular score change or the maximum score change for a given amount of cash.
  • CreditXpert What-If Simulator – Analyzes an applicant's credit data (by credit reporting agency) and allows you to see what could happen to an applicant's credit score under certain scenarios (i.e., paying off particular balances).

The value to your business:

  • Approve more applicants by providing the credit quality information they need to better understand your offer
  • Save time and money by focusing on the items that impact scores the most, such as the top negative and positive items that could impact an applicant's score
  • Offer your clients instant results that help eliminate guesswork and determine a course of action with confidence
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